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Noisy joints, when to worry

Female looking at baby goat

Baby goats can spring, bounce, and have a seemingly limitless source of energy.  And we could too as babies.  Aging can cause a plethora of problems and we seem to feel it first in our joints.


We have all experienced a variety of joint noises, creaking, popping, and cracking.  The frequency of joint noise, or crepitus, increases as we age for a number of reasons.  The primary cause of the joint popping is from little nitrogen bubbles in the synovial fluid that are trapped and get released when we move a certain way.  This is generally a benign pain-free phenomena when not caused by injury, disease, or other trauma.  


When creaky joints start to become more painful or overly lax it may be time to see a health care professional for an evaluation.  There are many reasons for this change that increases pain, including arthritis, metabolic diseases, inflammatory conditions, and more.  A provider with additional training in musculoskeletal health in addition to holistic health will be a trusted resource in providing a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce pain, increase mobility, and improve quality of life.  


Treatment plans for painful joints may include joint regenerative injections, or prolotherapy, strength training exercises, nutrition modifications to reduce inflammation, and more.  There are multiple modalities that can be utilized in a holistic treatment plan.  Your treatment plan should be created with your goals in mind as well as your lifestyle.  


Most joint popping or crepitus is completely normal and fine, but if that changes, you should not hesitate to seek evaluation from a provider who will listen to your concerns and work with you on your goals.  Pain does not have to dictate your activities.


For more information, contact us now to see how we can treat your creaky joints.

Sara Love, ND

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