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Acne Treatment

doubletrack naturopathic

Sara Love, ND

Naturopathy servicing Tigard and Portland located in Beaverton, OR

With traditional acne treatment, the cure can sometimes be worse than the disease. Some topical acne drugs are incredibly drying, and oral acne medications can have serious side effects like depression. At doubletrack naturopathic in Beaverton, Oregon, experienced natural medicine practitioner Sara Love, ND, evaluates and treats acne in a highly effective holistic manner. She considers all aspects of your situation to design the best acne treatment for you. Book your appointment online or call the office.

Acne Treatment Q&A

When do I need acne treatment?

There are several different signs that it's time to visit doubletrack naturopathic for acne treatment, including:

  • Over-the-counter products aren't effective
  • Your current acne regimen causes side effects
  • Your acne is painful
  • Your acne is difficult to conceal with cosmetics
  • Your acne returns no matter what you do
  • Your acne embarrasses you

If you've already tried other acne treatments, including the prescription approach, you might feel discouraged. But don't give up hope. Dr. Love uses an entirely different approach than what you've already tried, and she can help you achieve clear skin.

How does an acne treatment plan work?

At doubletrack naturopathic, Dr. Love starts with a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your health and lifestyle. She uses a variety of testing, including hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, allergy testing, and other specialized tests to determine your acne triggers. 

Then, Dr. Love helps you make specific adjustments to eliminate your triggers. For example, if your primary acne trigger is hormonal, you may start bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to stabilize your hormone levels. Or, if your main acne trigger is inflammation from certain kinds of foods, Dr. Love can help you eliminate those triggers and implement a healthier diet. 

Dr. Love may also prescribe special acne-fighting supplements, such as milk thistle, zinc, vitamin B6, chaste tree berry, and omega-3 fatty acids.  

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Love has a very wide range of acne-fighting strategies and treatments at her disposal. She prescribes the ideal customized approach for your unique case of acne.

How long does it take holistic acne treatment to work?

Beautiful skin begins from deep inside your body, which means it can take a little time for changes to work their way out. If you stay consistent with your holistic acne treatment plan, you could start to see changes within several weeks. 

Your acne steadily clears up over time, and Dr. Love can help you maintain your beautiful, healthy skin for the long term. 

If you’re seeking a more gentle, natural approach to acne treatment, Dr. Love can help you get the clear and healthy skin you want. Call doubletrack naturopathic or click the online scheduling tool to arrange your treatment consultation today.