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New Beginnings

New Beginnings


September is often a time of change, kiddos back in school (in-person!!), summer ending, and the trees turning radiant colors.  It can also be a time of self-reflection and yearning of what could be.


Making a change is challenging, we often have to schedule any new activity so it won’t be forgotten, and ensure that our usual responsibilities are not left behind.  Change is also hard on our loved ones, they may not appreciate what you are doing and why you need to do it.  You may need to find supportive partners on your changes, whatever they may be.


Some thoughts to encourage you… let go of the past, pivot negative thoughts into positive ones.  This is not easy, but having a more upbeat mindset goes a long way and costs nothing.  (caveat, try to avoid toxic positivity, here is a great blog post explaining the difference between toxic positivity and optimism)


Embrace your fears, change is scary.  Acknowledge that perceived failure is part of the process and continue to learn.  


Write it down.  It can be a simple pencil and paper journal or calendar just writing the intentions of your plans and goals.  


Surround yourself with supportive people.  Even the most introverted of us need to know we have people we can engage with when times get tough.  


Have fun.  If something that used to be fun isn’t any longer, it's time to pause and reflect on what needs to change.


Let's get together and embrace our new beginnings.  


Sara Love, ND

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