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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Female in the woods on a trail

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  –Neal Donald Walsch

2023 is just around the corner and with it the promise of a new year, resolutions that we intend to keep, and changes we endeavor to make.  


It is easy to stay in our comfort zones.  We can anticipate what to expect, there are fewer unknowns, and let’s face it… comfortable.  However, with this extended stay in our comfort zones we can become stagnant.  When we become stagnant it becomes easier to maintain our status quo and not take any chances to try something new.


Getting out of our comfort zone enables us to take risks and try new things.  These risks do not have to be dangerous like skydiving for the first time, it can be as simple as trying new foods, learning a new skill, or traveling to a new place.  


Sure, you may not like or even enjoy these different experiences, but what if you do like them?  So often we are apprehensive of trying something new and taking risks that we continue to stay in our comfort zone content in our personal status quo, which is unfortunate since you may never experience something you may actually enjoy if you gave it a try.


Once we decide to take the chance to leave our comfort zones our world opens up to completely new experiences and perspectives.  


Naturopathic medicine encourages people to try new things often, changing diet, adding supplements, teas, and movement.  These new recommendations may be hard at first and not enjoyable, but if these changes improve your health and quality of life it can change your mind.  


How will you leave your comfort zone in 2023?

Sara Love, ND

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