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Is seeing a Naturopath right for you?

Is naturopathic medicine right for you?  Most likely, yes.  Naturopathic physicians provide holistic care for individuals and families.  Our training is comprehensive, requiring an intensive 4 years of post graduate training and rigorous exams before we can become licensed in Oregon.  We spend time with our patients to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a variety of ailments.  A typical new patient intake is usually between 60-90 minutes of face-to-face time with the physician.  


Oregon naturopathic physicians have an extensive scope of practice that allows them to be considered primary care physicians with the experience and capability to order labs, imaging,  prescribe medications, and more.  Naturopathic physicians may also recommend other treatments including botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, and other lifestyle medicine therapeutics.  


Why do people see a naturopathic physician?  For some, it is to hear a different perspective on lab results, for others to enjoy alternatives or supplements to their current treatment plans, and for others just to appreciate the ability to have lengthy conversations with a physician and be heard.  Our philosophies of care include the healing power of nature and to identify and treat the cause.  What this means is that we encourage the body's innate ability to heal itself when given the tools it needs and that in order to properly treat a symptom we must first understand what is causing the ailment.  


Many insurance plans credential naturopathic physicians making this care accessible to almost everyone.  If you don’t have insurance or your plan does not cover naturopathic services, ask about cash discounts.  You may be pleasantly surprised to see how affordable it is to receive naturopathic care.


If your curiosity about naturopathic medicine has been piqued, contact our office and discover how we may be able to offer support for your personal health concerns.

Sara Love, ND

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