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Interested or Committed

plate of produce including tomatoes, lettuce, onions and garlic


Interested or Committed


Working with a naturopathic physician is usually a different experience than with a conventional medical doctor.  Our therapies tend to focus on lifestyle modifications such as nutritional changes.  


It is well known that food choices can have a big impact on conditions such as diabetes.  But your diet can also influence other conditions such as acne, pain, high blood pressure, and more.  


Changing our daily habits requires commitment.  We may be interested in changing our habits and know that it is the right thing to do, but it is challenging.  


Olympic athlete, Alexi Pappas, in her recent book Bravey discusses being committed to your goal as this:  “…achieving your goal no matter how much tedious work it takes. If you aren’t committed, then you’re only interested. Someone who is interested will dedicate some time and energy to a goal, but not enough to make it happen no matter what. It takes a certain amount of extra bravery and dedication to make the leap from interested to committed, often in the most challenging moments when nobody would blame you for quitting.”


There is no problem in being interested in changing lifestyle habits or in certain goals, and you may have several successes which we applaud!  But to truly change your habits no matter how hard, you have to be committed.  Being committed to a goal works best when you have a support system that includes friends, family, and others who will do anything possible to ensure success.


Being interested or committed to any healthy habits is very rewarding!  Becoming healthier is a great goal to have.  Success can be greatly improved by finding a provider who will support you through challenges and continue to encourage you and applaud your successes.   

Sara Love, ND

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