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How to take the first step to achieving your goals

What will it take to achieve your goals?  It doesn’t matter what goals you may have, it will require a variety of tools to ensure success.  Whether it be a supportive partner, specific resources, a written plan, or even just setting a realistic goal.  


Many people find that even the creation of a realistic goal is a goal in itself.  


Researchers Lunenberg & Samaras have determined that the following criteria are necessary for desired outcomes.  


One easy way to create a realistic goal is the SMART method:

This article goes in depth on exactly how and why to do all these things.

Once you have your goal, it is important to write it down.  Preferably somewhere you look everyday as a reminder of your goals.

GIve yourself time to be successful, and most importantly give yourself grace when you undoubtedly have not so great days.  


When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

Confucius 551-479 B.C.


Goals can be an important component of your health care plan.  Goals are individualized to you, not your healthcare provider.  Providers are available to assist in every way we can, providing treatment advice, ensuring your medications are right for you, and offering objective feedback.  

It is important to find a provider who can assist you on your goals.  If you have any questions on goal setting or tips on how to find a provider that is right for you feel free to contact us.  We are here to help you.


Sara Love, ND

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