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Three Sisters Mountains in central Oregon covered in snow

November is typically considered a month of thanks.  If you celebrate Thanksgiving in the US we have the traditional holiday typically associated with giving thanks and blessings for a multitude of things.  For those who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, November is still a time to consider the many things we are grateful for, no matter how small.


This year I am especially grateful for the ability to learn new skills such as prolotherapy and better understand how to use imaging tools such as ultrasounds in order to be more accurate in those injections.  I am thankful for the team I have assembled to keep me healthy, including my gifted massage therapist.  Getting and staying healthy is a team effort and I am grateful for their expertise, talents, and willingness to work with people on their journey to health.


I am looking forward to 2022 for many reasons.   I have the ultimate privilege of caring for community members, helping them become healthier and feel better.  My lifelong educational journey will continue as I learn new modalities that are evidence-based and safe to reduce joint pain and inflammation that so many experience.  


Even though it feels like the darkness can take over and it becomes challenging to find thanks in anything, it remains important to avoid dwelling on all things negative and find some light in the darkness to pull us through.




Sara Love, ND

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