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Feeling blah even with normal labs?

When you go to the doctor they often recommend getting blood work completed.  This blood work can tell us a lot of things about your health, liver and kidney function, thyroid status, cholesterol, regular blood counts and more.  The “normal” ranges for these labs varies and even though your blood work may be “normal” it may not be ideal.  


The naturopathic physician will often have a different perspective on these labs and be able to offer expert opinions on why you have the symptoms you have.  One example is thyroid function.  The reference range is 0.5 to 5.0 mIU/L.  However, many individuals may experience symptoms of thyroid dysfunction if their numbers are outside the more ideal range of 0.3 to 3 mIU/L.  This may not seem like a large difference, but if you are fatigued, gaining weight, and just not feeling like you should, treatment may be indicated, under the guidance of a licensed provider experienced in thyroid health.


This is just one example of how “normal” labs may not be ideal for you.  The benefit of seeing a naturopathic physician is that we can use the labs you have already gotten, evaluate them with a different lens and provide a treatment plan that can help you feel better.


If your labs are “normal” and you continue to experience symptoms that bother you, schedule an appointment and we can review your labs, offer support and treatments that can increase your quality of life.

Sara Love, ND

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