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Exercising when you just want to stay in that warm bed

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The weather is currently at the stage where staying in a warm bed is just so compelling.  The snooze button calls us to just ignore our to-do list.  The cold dreary weather can be so depressing for so many of us.  Seasonal Affective Disease causes even the most positive and optimistic person to tears with the realities of a long season marked with increased darkness, stress, and dark clouds.  


Getting up to go to work and take care of other responsibilities is one thing, but getting out of bed to exercise is quite another task.  Even though we usually feel better after we exercise, the actual act of getting out of the door to exercise is quite another.  (yes, I know that you can do your exercises indoors, but for so many of us it is off to the gym, trails, pavement, or other environment) 


There are many tricks and tools that we can utilize to help us get motivated to get out of our warm beds and ready to tackle the day.  Here are some of my favorites:


These tips may not work for you, so have fun discovering your own techniques for getting out of bed and crushing your workout.  


For more tips and information on getting motivated to exercise in the winter, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sara Love.  

Sara Love, ND

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