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One of the criticisms of naturopathic medicine is that the treatments are sometimes not “evidence-based” meaning that there have not been rigorous double blind placebo trials.  Research is resource intensive and often not possible to have large double-blind studies.  


Thankfully this is changing and we are learning more about how natural remedies can be used to treat chronic diseases and ailments.  


One such treatment is NAD+ or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, this is a coenzyme involved in energy homeostasis. Supplementation of NAD+ either through oral or injectable methods has been reported to have positive effects on metabolism, aging, and cardiovascular health.


NAD+ can be decreased following viral infections, including covid, making recovery more challenging and frustrating, especially in older individuals who may already have decreased NAD+ stores.  


The oral formulation of supplementation has been studied several times and shown to improve blood pressure and arterial health, protecting cells from stress, maintaining healthy sleep cycles, and decreasing inflammation.  


Health conditions that can benefit from NAD+ supplementation include, fibromyalgia, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, and more.  


Not only does NAD+ decrease naturally as we age, it also decreases with stress, inflammation, some medications, infections, and other stressors the body may experience creating a more accelerated aging in the body.  


Individuals who have had NAD+ injections report better brain function, increased energy, improved athletic performance, and improved reaction times.


As with all supplements and medications, you should consult with a licensed provider knowledgeable with your medical history and able to determine if a treatment is right for you.


Schedule with our providers now to see if NAD+ oral or injection is right for you.


Sara Love, ND

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