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Dr. Love's 2022 Race Schedule

Cheering on marathon runners, sign says "Prance like a show pony"

In-person races returned in 2021, and are back in full force for 2022!  


Doubletrack naturopathic appreciates caring for all athletes regardless of age, ability, or sport.  Participating in any athletic event takes risk, vulnerability, and grit, and that is just for the sign up.  Training, nutrition, and supportive resources are also critical in competing in any event.


We are proud of all the amazing people who choose to spend their time in training or supporting others.  Even though most of the events folks compete in are individual sports, in many ways they are team sports.  Some of the resources that are utilized include: massage therapy, coaching, cross training, cooking and eating good food.  Having supportive people cheer you on at the event is always a bonus!  


Dr. Sara Love will also be running a few trail races in 2022.  Here is the full schedule:

Dr. Love will build her team of amazing people to help out during training and completion of the events.  Follow along to see how training is going.

Sara Love, ND

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