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Breathing seems so simple, right?  We all do it without thinking.  The problem is that many of us tend to shallow breath, meaning that our lungs are not receiving their oxygen potential.  When this occurs for long perioud of time it can raise our blood pressure and elevate anxiety.

When I am performing a procedure that can be painful, I can always tell who will be able to manage the pain and discomfort better and that is the person who can already perform deep breathing.  

The good news is that there is an easy fix that costs nothing!

Deep, or diaphragmatic, breathing exercises can be easily incorporated into our daily routine, regardless of how busy we are.  

The University of Michigan has a great website on how to start your daily practice of deep breathing.  It can be found here.

Deep breathing is important to our health and wellbeing, yet so few of us take the time to even think about it.  It only takes seconds to take a proper belly breath and the rewards are numerous, plus its FREE!

I encourage you to think about how you breath and to strive to take the deepest breath possible, you won't regret it.


photo credit:  Jenn Byrne 


Sara Love, ND

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