Achieving health....together

What do you want from your doctor?

We often hear what we don't want:  rushed appointments, symptom focused care, reliance on pills...

We understand.  The human body is complex and nuanced.  We are unique and deserve care that is individualized.  Not only that, we have our lived experiences that can impact our health both negatively and positively.

At doubletrack naturopathic, we see each patients as an individual and listen to their stories.  Only with this can we appropriately determine the right treatment that will have the best chance for success.  We understand that "normal" lab values do not mean normal for you.  If your labs are considered "normal" and you feel icky, let us know.  We will continue to investigate causes for your concerns and address those.

By active listening of your story, reviewing labs and other physical findings while addressing your symptoms we can achieve health together.  



Sara Love, ND

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