What. The. Funk.

A while ago, I was in a funk. An honest, don't want to go running or do anything but binge watch bad TV drama funk. Trail runs became chores instead of the usual mood enhancement. After a particularly depressing trail outing at one of my favorite haunts when even a mile was a significant mental drain I knew something had to change.

Up until this point I was an advocate of silent running, no ear buds, no music or other distractions that could lessen the ability to be present in nature. I soon realized that it is hard to be present when the inner voices are fighting like cats and dogs. The self doubt began to creep into my every thought and nothing could silent it.

After that failed attempt at running a mile, I pondered how I could turn things around. I tried music, but even that could not soothe the self doubt that continued to linger. Next up was audio-books. This medium forced me to actually listen to the words and engage my brain in ways that the music couldn't. I made some ground rules for books to listen to. The books had to be non-fiction, educational, and positive. I prioritized books about nature. I have listened to some inspiring books, learned about the history of women in sports, and have a greater appreciation for the trees.

Sometimes we know what will trigger a lingering funk, and other times we don't. Either way, sometimes we just need some external help and support.

There is no one size fits all approach to self doubt, anxiety, depression, or just run-of-the mill funks. All of us are unique and need personalized care. What worked for me may not work for you, but never fear, you are not alone.

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