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Marathon training, part 2.

One of the biggest questions regarding marathon training is what plan are we using to prepare for the big day. It is a fair question since there are so many options online, in books, and through other running clubs.

For us, it was all about choosing a plan that would work with our busy lifestyles. Between work, school, and other obligations, we needed a plan that was flexible and scheduled a lot of cross training/bike days. I also wanted a longer plan so that we would be starting training during the school winter break.

For week one, we started with a nice easy 4 mile downhill run that would have us ending at a local favorite donut shop. In our house, sweets are for special occasions or after a workout. Our first donut stop was actually closed, but being in Portland, it was no problem walking to the next one for our carbohydrate goodness. With so many fantastic offerings, it was hard for the kiddo to choose, but I reminded him that this was the first of a 24 week training plan, so there would be many more opportunities.

Post run fun

We ended up choosing a vegan Mexican hot chocolate donut, a raspberry rosemary donut and a cold brew to share. It was a perfect way to end the morning before going back home.

Monday is a nice rest day (I know we just started, how do we get a rest day already??) and Tuesday is a bike day. Since I bike commute this is easy, the kiddo is not a huge fan of cycling, but does enjoy going to the cardio room at the local community center and use the interval setting on the stationary bike. Wednesday will be a pace 3 mile run, rest Thursday, run again Friday, and cross train on Saturday... snowy Mount Hood here we come!

Another major reason for choosing a training plan with flexibility is that it allows for more room for fun. Training with a teenager makes the focus on fun family time and not intense workouts. No doubt the workouts will get bigger as we get closer to race day, but I will find joy in every workout and strive to make the journey as pleasant as possible.

The remainder of the week saw some cross training on the bikes, speed workout at the track, the all important rest day, and a nice jog to watch a mid-day soccer game.

The weekend will bring some fun in the snow

Week 1 total:

Run 1: 4 miles, relaxed pace

Run 2: 3 miles, speed

Run 3: 6.5 miles, relaxed pace

Hill repeats done the fun way

Cross training in the snow!

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