Turkey Trot Fun

According to Runners World, running on Thanksgiving is one of the most popular things to do in the United States. And why not, with the anticipated day of all things food, it is a fun way to start the holiday while getting some quality time outdoors. Turkey Trots are organized throughout cities all over the country and increasingly there are several virtual Turkey Trots for people unable to attend an organized event.

West Linn, OR hosts a community Turkey Trot in a beautiful state park that has trotters frolicking through the trees on the short course less than 3 miles. The entry fee is a donation of canned food for the local food pantry, making this event affordable for everyone. It was absolutely exciting seeing so many young kids just enjoy being outside running. (fun fact, most kids really do enjoy running, it isn't clear to me why running is often used as a punishment)

I usually enjoy solitude or running with one other person while trail running, but the Turkey Trot offered a generous community spirit, inspiration watching multitudes of families and young kids, and a sense of gratitude for the volunteers and sponsors who made this possible.

Eating hills for breakfast

I am thankful for so many things this year. I have been able to find joy in many aspects of my life and surround myself with positive influences.

May you find gratitude and joy today.

So much food for the food pantry

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