To vax or not to vax

Currently the COVID-19 vaccines are being administered nationally to many populations. Personally, I have been vaccinated and am volunteering to administer the immunizations to individuals who are eligible to receive the vaccine.

Why am I doing this? In short, to protect my patients, family, and community. Even if I were to get sick, the infectious period is substantially shorter and the spreading of the disease is reduced. While the side effects from the vaccine are not all pleasant, I would much rather suffer for a few days than get infected with COVID and worse infect others.

For those concerned about the "newness" of the vaccine, the technology regarding mRNA vaccines has been around for decades and used in cancer settings. The amount of work completed in developing these vaccines is truly amazing.

For more information from an immunologist, please visit this podcast from Natural Medicine Journal featuring Dr. Heather Zwickey.

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