Rest and repeat

It is remarkable how sleep can influence our mood and ability to function.

What is your barrier to resting?

Sometimes we just need to stop, reflect, and consider our lives and what the barriers to restful sleep are. We cannot change many things, but we are able to change how we react to external forces and pivot our reactions to a more positive influence on ourselves.

When sleepless nights cause us to have knee jerk reactions to otherwise benign things it is time to stop, rest, and consider what our bodies are telling us to do.

Resting sounds easy and it sounds selfish. There is always something or someone who requires our attention. How can we put that aside and really take time to rest and recharge? Resting cannot be accomplished while watching screens, being on our phones, or otherwise distracted.

If we are not rested we cannot properly take care of ourselves and others making rest the most selfless thing possible.

Schedule your appointment now to discover new ways to rest, recover, and recharge your health.

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