Today I was honored to be named one of the 2019 Nuun Ambassadors. As a naturopathic physician we are trained in the importance of proper hydration for optimal physiology. It seems so simple, but just drinking more fluids can help us feel better. And with the addition of electrolytes and vitamins our bodies can absorb those nutrients for even more nutrition for our cells.

2019 Nuun Ambassador

During the winter months when we exercise we may not realize how much fluid we are losing through our pores, but it can be substantial depending on how long you are exercising. For "salty" sweaters we may need even more electrolyte supplementation for our bodies. Other vices such as excess alcohol consumption can also deplete our cells of nutrients such as magnesium.

I am excited to continue to work with patients on their exercise routines and help them achieve their goals and go beyond what they thought was possible. Nuun is just one tool in my bag of tricks that I can utilize to help my patients on their journey to health in 2019.

Happy New Year!

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