Exiting your comfort zone

It is so easy to just stay in your comfort zone. By definition, it is comfortable, it is a known entity, and we may not know any better.

We all make excuses as to why we don't want to try anything new... we are busy, we are tired, etc.... What are we afraid of? I daresay not the big bad wolf. Are we afraid of failure, not being perfect, experiencing a challenge? What is the real reason? For each of us it is something different, and we may not even know ourselves.

May your journey be filled with joy & headwinds

How can we truly appreciate our accomplishments unless we have worked hard to overcome barriers and embraced challenges that we experience?

If we stay in our comfort zone it is far too easy to become complacent and stagnant. We learn in physiology that being a dynamic body is healthy. We should strive to be continually moving toward new things that challenge us and make us want to be better people.

What will you do in 2019 to exit your comfort zone? For me, running a road marathon, and maybe even a triathlon.... my swimming really needs work! I will endeavor to embrace any challenge that I face and meet it head on.

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