It was a tough week of training, after an easy week, it was time to ramp up the mileage. With the snowpocalypse that engulfed the town we spent most of our training at the gym. Not ideal, but a necessity nonetheless. We are fortunate to have an amazing facility close by that has excellent equipment in the cardio room and since it is part of the city parks and rec very affordable. Kiddo gets free entrance since he works there as a lifeguard.

It became time for our weekend long runs, a 13 mile and a 7 mile run. We planned our route on Friday (ending with donuts!), made our snacks (roasted and salted potatoes) and enjoyed a relaxing evening. Saturday morning we slept in and started our run mid-morning.

Kiddo was just sluggish... I couldn't figure out what was wrong. My doctor mind went through all the differential diagnoses... infection, not likely, no fever or other symptoms. Injury, no visible pain and denied any musculoskeletal ailments. Sleep...that didn't seem to be a problem. Hmmmm... finally it dawned on me. Even though we had had a fairly easy week of workouts, we were training 5-6 days a week, and he is a growing teenager. CALORIES... we went through all his caloric intake for the week and it was clearly not enough. Vitamin D deficiency was probably contributing as well. We finished the 13 mile run successfully (with a decent amount of walking) and enjoyed our treats.

With the federal holiday we had the luxury of taking Sunday off between the 13 and 7 mile runs. His sole job was to eat and rest! And eat he did. A breakfast of granola, followed by a large burrito, and multiple snacks throughout the day, plus dinner filled the caloric deficit that was clearly present. His mood improved as well, he can get real hangry.

The 7 mile run went without a hitch and 90 seconds/mile faster than the 13 mile run with more hills. This weekend we will enjoy some snow and skiing, cross training is the best!

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