Barrier busters (receiving health care should be easy)

You are sick or just want advice from a physician. You should be able to just go online and schedule an appointment, right?

Unfortunately, we all have far too many examples of this not being the case. Instead, we waste time in phone trees, try and navigate challenging websites and give up. Our health should be a priority and far too often we let our own health decline for various reasons, many of which relate to the barriers we face.

Health care should be easy, you should be able to schedule online, have weekend and evening appointments available and not have to deal with barrier after barrier in your way.

I strive to remove the barriers to you receiving health care. Easy online scheduling with a variety of appointment times that meet your busy schedule. Appointments with a physician should be spent with the doctor and building the doctor-patient relationship. Not completing hours of paperwork.

Visits with doubletrack naturopathic are 45-90 minutes long. There is no one-size-fits all approach to your health care needs and this takes time.

How will your journey to health start? And how much further could you go with optimal health?

Schedule now and discover how easy receiving health care can be and start achieving greatness!

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